Incorporación al sistema de receta electrónica del Servicio Madrileño de Salud

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Se informa a todo el colectivo de mutualistas que hayan optado por recibir la asistencia sanitaria a través del Servicio Madrileño de Salud que a partir del next 20 July are incorporated, to all intents and purposes, the electronic prescription system of this Autonomous Community, which will collect your medication via this route presenting in his pharmacy health card of the community of Madrid. Unlike what happened during the situation of alarm at COVID-19, which had to make 100% of the amount of your prescriptions, from the date specified Only have to provide its role as a mutual benefit.

If, during the rule of alarm has collected medication using the electronic prescription system will not have to do anything else to go to your pharmacy. If you have not collected electronic prescription medication for these months should consult telephone with the Family doctor to review your medication and is activated.

If for any reason he realized recipes requirements on paper, these must be in the books MUGEJU recipes. In the case where these recipes on paper are drugs that require a visa by the inspector must request it by the usual channel in MUGEJU.

It is possible that on July 20 not all pharmacies in the community of Madrid are ready to offer, requiring make a number of developments in their management programmes. If your regular pharmacy does not yet have this functionality go to the nearest pharmacy.

For now can only collect your medication in pharmacies in the community of Madrid, we hope that in the near future can do so at any pharmacy of our country. Meanwhile, if you intends to leave the community of Madrid for a period exceeding one month should contact telephone with the Family doctor to prescribe the drug in the books MUGEJU recipes.