Aviso a los mutualistas en el supuesto de viaje al extranjero para garantizar la cobertura sanitaria del colectivo adscrito a mugeju

We would like to remind you that this Mutuality facilitates timely european health card with territorial area, in all countries of the European Union as well as in countries of the european economic area iceland, Liechtenstein, norway and switzerland, which must be sought in person, his delegation closer or on-line through Electronic .

It also provides a insurance in order to ensure coverage of health in all countries of the world (including those of the european union), which should be requested in your own delegation. to make use of this provision, the scheme should be directed by telephone to the concessionaire company service (SOS INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE S.A.), which appears in the card.

Extracto de Póliza SOS Seguros y Reaseguros S.A. - Válida hasta el 31 de Diciembre de 2017

Can widen the information on the health care abroad through our Website .