Information on measures in the state of Alarm

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The three administrative mutual we are working to reduce the mobility of patients in need of recipes to health centres in each of the autonomous communities. In that regard, efforts are underway to incorporate, to the mutual different Public health services in an electronic prescription of the autonomous communities. This incorporation will be an extraordinary way remains in force, while the state of alarm.

During the state of alarm decreed on the occasion of the international health crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19, the autonomous communities and three administrative mutual these alternative interim solutions is a permanent system, but linked to the health crisis and the state of alarm, in all but in Madrid guarantees that the scheme is the economic contribution will be due to him in medicine in the field MUGEJU.

At the moment, the mutualist attached to the following health services can make use of electronic prescription:

  • Valencian health service from: 27 march 2020
  • Galician health service : from the day 1 april 2020
  • Madrid's Health service from: 4 april 2020
  • Health service de les Illes Balears from: 6 april 2020
  • Health service of castile and León from: 9 april 2020 .
  • Vasco health service from: 16 april 2020
  • Catalan health service from: 20 april 2020 .
  • Murcia Health service from: 24 april 2020 .
  • The Canary Islands health service from: 27 april 2020 .

The mutualist attached to these health services, may have recourse to the pharmacy located in these NATIONAL, with their health card to provide them pharmaceuticals prescribed in the system of an electronic prescription, which can in this way obtain their pharmaceutical products in the same economic conditions that with the old recipe MUGEJU role.

Peculiarity in the autonomous community of Madrid

The mutual funds they receive health care through health System are integrated into the electronic prescription but pay 100 per cent in the price of medicine or health product at the time of his dispensation in the pharmacy. Subsequently, they may request MUGEJU through the reimbursement of expenses of pharmacy, the percentage of funding of these drugs, depending on of normal contribution (30 per cent), of reduced contribution (10 per cent of the PVP with a maximum of 4,24 euros per package) or exempt from contributions if dietoterápicos products and nutrition and home enteral strips.

Could not be made for the contribution of the mutual funds, due to the inability from the Official College of pharmacists to carry out the necessary changes in electronic systems in the dispensing pharmacy.

Can the mutualist in any case get your recipes, en format paper in which case it will pay the contribution, as appropriate.

This subparagraph is updated as MUGEJU go agreed upon with health services the incorporation of our mutual systems in the electronic prescription.

Peculiarity in Galicia

The uniqueness is that the scheme should lead to the pharmacy, once the electronic prescription by the protocol, the white recipes MUGEJU as needed, and in this case will pay the contribution that it is, without the need to return later.

Peculiarity in Castilla-león

The mutual funds will have access to the same procedure through the users of SACYL not included in an electronic prescription: make (by telephone, APP phone or internet) with the primary health-care physician. From the centre of health will contact the patient by telephone, stating the way to get the recipes. Recipes on role will be SACYL RECIPES , and with the scheme will address the pharmacy.



The diagnostic testing the coronavirus that will be carried out by public health services managed by the autonomous communities and by the medical bodies (EEMM) in concert with MUGEJU, provided that may be prescribed by a protocol, in accordance with the guidelines, instructions and criteria approved by the competent health authority, in the following cases:

  1. Persona con un cuadro clínico de infección respiratoria aguda que se encuentre hospitalizada o que cumpla criterios de ingreso hospitalario.
  2. Person with a clinical picture of acute respiratory infection of any seriousness that belong to any of the following groups: (a) health personnel and socio-sanitario, (b) other essential services.
  3. Consideration could be given to the realization of the test in particularly vulnerable persons resident or in closed institutions to submit a clinical picture of acute respiratory infection regardless of their seriousness, following the assessment individualized clinic:

    https :// _ COVID _ 19.pdf

It is indicated the use of the test for the diagnosis of detection of antibodies for diagnosis of COVID 19:

  1. Ámbito hospitable.
  2. Ámbito extrahospitalario:
    - Residence of older persons and centres sociosanitarios.
    - Penal institutions:
  3. At community level, if you are guaranteed the ability to perform PCR, may raise with the use of these tests on patients with high clinical suspicion of several days of evolution after the start of symptoms.

    https :// _ test _ diagnosticos _ serologicos _ 20200407.pdf

It is noteworthy that in these protocols did not provide for serological test or PCR test in asymptomatic persons reported.

MUGEJU it does not pay the cost of diagnostic tests.

If the test through private media, the scheme can request his return to the medical entity which is attached, return that only come if it existed prescription and the test was carried out in accordance with criteria set out in the protocols to the diagnosis of COVID 19 of the ministry of health.

The realization of serological tests or PCR tests have to practise mutual funds, in the field of labour and return of assets, are to be conducted, if any, in the framework of prevention of Occupational risks.


To comply with the established by the Royal Decree 463/2020, the administration of this body passed the Resolution of 30 march 2020 , by which it closes MUGEJU provincial delegations, while maintaining the situation of the state of alarm. For that reason, affected by such mutual closure can be directed to the efforts and consultations more urgent as long as this situation continues, the Central Services of the Mutuality, on-line, via electronic headquarters ( https :// ), telefónica al 91.586.0300 or by email .



To facilitate access to medicines for the state of alarm, for those who need special recipe MUGEJU label , it has been adopted, through the Order SND/266/2020, of 19 march, which establishes certain measures to ensure access to pharmaceutical benefit of the national health system's collective of special Social security , the visa waiver of recipes for the duration of its validity.

This means that as of 21 march and during the period of the state of alarm and its extensions, mutual funds will not have to go to the offices of MUGEJU for the sealing of this type of prescriptions, but could apply directly to the pharmacy for those medicines and health products requiring prior visa , always prescribed by protocol.

Included in this measure for the demanding of incontinence, certain probes required visas and dietary products for nutrition and treatments enteral dietoterápicos included in the provision of dietary products of the portfolio of common services of the national health system.

It also includes the authorizations of medicines anti-smoking.


  1. Extension of authorizations MUGEJU has agreed: expanding commitments to hospitals dispensing of medicinal products in farmacia hospitalaria currently in force, and whose consent is not complied with in the months of march, april and may, within 12 months since its maturity.

    MUGEJU has sent to all hospitals is providing medication, new commitments with extending the deadline mentioned.

  2. Dispensing of medication for two months : According to the order SND/293/2020 of 25 march, farmacia hospitalaria may dispense medicines hospital treatment for two months of treatment to a maximum . However, the spanish agency of Medicines and health products may reduce this period of one month in the case of those medicines in developing deemed necessary to preserve its availability.



When a scheme should remain in isolation on suspicion of symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and cannot emerge from his home, must call your specific autonomous community, planned for information on coronavirus.

The parties of Temporary Disability resulting from infection by coronavirus (by administrative segregation or by the disease) must be completed by primary care physicians of public health services in case of secondment from the scheme to the public health of the autonomous community, or by primary care medical entities in the case of seconded to mutual insurance companies.

These parts of low may be issued subsequently with retroactive effect to prevent the patient is being forced to go to a health centre or a private clinic. In any case, are advised to communicate this to the body of staff, as the cases (Stj, Prosecutor, Ministry of justice, or counseling relevant NATIONAL).

The codes used are those indicated for this special procedure by the ministry of health are as follows:

  • If you use the CIE 10 is: contact or exposure Z20.828, and in the case of hiv infection B34.2 coronavirus
  • If you use the CIE 9 MC: contact or exposure V01.79, and in the case of hiv infection 079.82 coronavirus



On 19 march 2020, the General directorate of common Services Portfolio of the national health system (ministry of health) agreed that the hormone treatments already approved growth by the advisory committee and whose annual follow-up to be renewed during the month of march or post during a state of alarm, they will have an additional period of validity of three months .



The mutual funds, in that case have acquired their medication without prescription in MUGEJU recipe, may request a refund through the provision of compensation of pharmacy (detailed in the web page), provided that the medication is funded by the national health system. To that end, must present the original invoice of the pharmacy and medical report or prescription, once they are able to achieve this.



The Spanish Agency of medicines and health products has indicated, in the framework of the state in which we find ourselves, that prescriptions drugs containing hidroxicloroquina/chloroquine as are the medicines: Dolquine, Xanban, HIdroxicloriquina Ratiopharm, Aldo Hidroxicloroquina Resochin Union, and, should be implemented within the official recipes and must demonstrate that the patient complies with the requirements for your prescription.

Since MUGEJU have been sent by email to the affected a mutual Responsible Statement issued by the manager of this body, to be submitted together with the official recipe of MUGEJU cumplimentada- correctly in the pharmacy to the dispensation of any of the drugs listed above.

The mutualist affected by this measure that had not received the Statement must indicate Responsible through e-mail: .




The distribution of masks the mutualist seconded to the public health system is normally from 23 april 2020 ; in the case of mutual Medical Bodies attached to, will be from 4 may 2020 , which is due have been solved the problems of identification of those for the mutual Catsalud.

Who can provide masks : all mutual funds, both attached to the public health system, as well as Medical Entities.

How is carried out the dispensation the scheme: the need to be presented at the pharmacy their health card Individually (TSI) or, failing that, to facilitate their Code (IPC) or CIP of the national health system (CIP-SNS) in the case of users of different Autonomous Communities in catalonia.

Users who do not have TSI, because we have ever had, it can use the form below to the request of the first TSI https ://

Number of masks are provided to each issue : the user can collect a * mask by dispensation.

What the cost of filtering : the first mask will always be free for the user, irrespective of the day that will accept this amendment. The following will cost €0.76.

(*) The availability of stocks, preference will be extended to 2 masks for dispensation.

Valencian Community

The autonomous community has begun a campaign of delivery of masks the population vulnerable to Covid-19 ( > 65 and comorbilidades in health status 6 to 9

The mutual entities attached to receive, concerted in a couple of days, an e-mail from MUGEJU indicating the number (SIP) which should contribute in the pharmacy to access the masks. If the next tuesday, 28 april has not received the email, or is it, you can access it by one of the following means:

  • Through the link enabled on the Electronic , which will inform you immediately the SIP number.
  • Through the web form of attention to the scheme ( LINK ). He will respond by e-mail with the SIP number.
  • Sending an email with your data .

The canary islands

Since friday, 17/04, the autonomous community has launched a protocol on sale in pharmacies of masks a maximum price recommended 0.95 €. To access these products must be identified with the health card or of insurance-based services (affiliation).

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