Information Coronavirus

The care of the disease by infection COVID-19 coronavirus is covered all mutual MUGEJU, whether they are attached to public health services of the autonomous communities or private medical Institutions.

What to do if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19?

If you have symptoms consistent with an acute respiratory infection of suddenness that accompanied by fever, cough, or lack of air, sore throat, loss of smell, loss of taste, etc, has had or did not have contact with people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, remain at home, aíslese at home, not to move to a casualty and emergency service:

  • If you are attached to the public health of the autonomous community, please contact the phones available by the autonomous community and follow their instructions. (See mobile below).
  • If you are attached to an entity Medica closed, please contact the telephone of the coordination centre of emergency Medical your entity, to assess their situation, practising testing of coronavirus which apply the follow-up to their situation. (See mobile below).

¿Qué hacer si no tiene síntomas compatibles con COVID-19, pero ha estado en contacto estrecho con una persona diagnosticada de COVID-19?

Are narrow ” contact any person cohabiting or that provides care or have physical contact with a case of COVID-19 diagnosed; any person who has been in place a case of COVID-19 diagnosed at a distance less than two metres for more than 15 minutes; any person within a radius of two seats around a case of COVID-19 diagnosed, in a plane, train, or other means of transport.

The tracing and identification of close contacts relates to services of public health of the autonomous communities. When a Public Health a doctor notifies the diagnosis of a case of COVID-19, is set in motion a process of tracing and identification of close contacts, and will therefore be Public health of their autonomous community which will contact you regardless of their attachment to the Public health service or Private medical Entity, to determine the measures and tasks to accomplish according to the protocols established by the autonomous community.

What are the criteria for the implementation and coverage of SARS-CoV-2 disgnósticos test in suspected cases in mutual medical bodies attached to?

The concerted Medical Bodies with MUGEJU (EEMM) must ensure at all levels of assistance, with particular focus on primary care, early detection of any case that may have hiv infection and therefore can spread the disease. To that end the EEMM PCR should conduct a technical or other molecular diagnostic deemed suitable in the first 24 hours to any suspicious case of infection .

In any case, such as mutual requiring assistance should get in touch with your organization to obtain, in his case the requirement of proof. Does not authorize MUGEJU ni provides evidence of COVID-19 (PCR) or evidence of detection of antibodies.

You can download the document with all the criteria for the realization of the tests by clicking on the following link .

Teléfonos de los Servicios Públicos de Salud de las Comunidades Autónomas:

Autonomous Community Information
Andalusia 955.545.060
Aragon 976.696.382
Asturias 900.878.232/984.100.400/112
The canary islands 900.112.061
Cantabria 900.612.112
Castilla La Mancha 900.122.112
Castilla León 900.222.000
Catalonia 061
Ceuta 900.720.692
C.Madrid 900.102.112
C.Valenciana 900.300.555
Extremadura 112
Galicia 900.400.116
Balearic Islands 061
La Rioja 941.298.333
Melilla 112
Murcia 900.121.212
Navarra 948.290.290
The Basque Country 900.203.050


Telephone private medical bodies:

  From residence permits Information WEB page.
ASISA 900.900.118 902.010.010
CASER 900.342.234 901.332.233
DKV 900.300.799 902.499.600
MAPFRE 900.122.122 902.204.060
NEW HEALTH MUTUAL 800.654.365 91.290.8075
SANNITI 900.842.025 902.500.742
SEGURCAIXA-ADESLAS 900.322.237 902.200.200