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General notions

Contributions that officials of the administration of justice performed to MUGEJU are only affects the coverage of healthcare and other social benefits including within the coverage of the Judicial Mutualisme, do not generate rights to calculate retirement pension because this body has no between their skills management of such provision.

The voluntary mutual enter their contributions directly to MUGEJU and. though maintain the voluntary high Mutuality, these quotations, like the mandatory mutual exclusive effects are health coverage and other social benefits, so nor generate rights for retirement purposes .

The price is determined by applying a rate set annually in the General budget of the state to the contribution base, which is equal to have regulator at each moment is set to quote Passive rights.
The monthly fee from multiplying the basis of annual contributions by the type and divide the result between 14. Will be paid a quota double in the months of June and December.

The monthly fee to 2019, until we publish the new law budgets for 2019 remains the same as for 2018, according to the group/subset of officialdom they belong to the insurance, ranging from £48.99 23.43 and €. In the case of the voluntary mutual the quota is multiplied by 12 months .


Contributions to MUGEJU - Exercise 2019

1. Mandatory Mutualists (Monthly fee)

A1 40.585,20 48.99
A2 31.941,56 38,56
C1 24.531,71 29,61
C2 19.408,65 23.43


2. Mutualists Volunteers (Monthly fee)

A1 40.585,20 231,67
A2 31.941,56 182,34
C1 24.531,71 140,04
C2 19.408,65 110,79


State input 5.18 (4.10 + 1.08) LAW 6/2018, on 3 July, pressupostos generals of the state for the year 2018.