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Inclusion of beneficiaries

Can be included as recipients and beneficiaries of Judicial Mutualisme relatives or assimilated by a high mutualist, with the requirements set out in the General regime of Social security, as follows:

  1. The spouse of the insurance, as well as the person living with the insurance in an analogous affective relationship to the spouse.
  2. The descendants of both incumbent and spouse whatever legal affiliation, adoptive sons, brothers and foster children. The descendants and adoptive children may be of both spouses or any of them, and children also of the person living with the insurance in an analogous affective relationship to the spouse.
  3. Ascendants, both mutualist as his spouse, and spouses by subsequent marriage of such ascendants.
  4. Any other person related to the insurance that are found in the General regime of Social security.

The date of the effects of recognition is the receipt of the request for high in the central Mugeju or the respective delegation, if – fulfilling the requirements - provides all documents precise; however, if they do not yet exist or are not yet available to the applicant mutualist, we obtain, meanwhile, a high provisional.En the case of the newborn, son or daughter of mother mutualist in its own right (holder or beneficiary) or derivative, date of higher the birth if the request is submitted within the first month of life.

Beneficiaries in case of death of mutualist

En caso de fallecimiento del mutualista en alta, podrán pertenecer al mutualismo judicial, en condición de mutualista por derecho derivado, siempre que cumplan los requisitos establecidos los viudos y viudas, los huérfanos y huérfanas de mutualistas, activos y jubilados.
Are considered to be assimilated to widows and widowers or couples who perceive widower pension Clases Pasivas for having been spouses of mutualists included in the scope of Mutualisme Judicial.
Is matched the fatherless or an orphan the son or daughter minor or greater incapacitated/incapacitated that has been abandoned/abandoned by mutual father or mother, provided that they meet the requirements.


Beneficiarios y beneficiarias en caso de separación, divorcio o nulidad de matrimonio del mutualista

May retain the status of beneficiary and beneficiary of Judicial Mutualisme, if it meets the requirements, the spouse living separately from a high insurance or whose marriage was annulled or dissolved by divorce, and children living with him.

Membership document

The status of beneficiary or beneficiaries to this Special Regime of Social security, will be credited through the corresponding document of membership, which specifies the personal data of the beneficiary or beneficiary and the membership number of the holder mutualist.

La condición mutualista por derecho derivado (los viudos y viudas, los huérfanos y huérfanas de mutualistas) se acreditará mediante el correspondiente documento de afiliación, en el que constarán los datos personales y  the number own owner's membership as a pensioner.

The bottom MUGEJU as a document certifying their status of beneficiary or beneficiaries or holder by derived law, a separate card of affiliation of plastic material and with magstripe.

For the new high, will be a document “ temporary ” of membership, which will prove his status of beneficiary or beneficiaries of/MUGEJU owner or holder by derived rights (widowers/widows and orphans/orphans) until it possesses the individual Membership Card.


Para la determinación de la condición de beneficiario o beneficiaria a cargo de un mutualista de Mugeju se estará a lo dispuesto en el Régimen general de la Seguridad Social.

Be fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. Live with the owner of the right at their expense. Does not appreciate lack of coexistence in cases of the separation transient and occasionally by reason of work, inability to find housing in the new destination and other similar circumstances.
  2. In the case of descendants or assimilated, not collect revenues by yields derivatives of labour, capital furniture, of real-estate pension or, superior double the public indicator of income of multiple effects (IPREM).
  3. Not be protected, by title different, through any of the regimes that are members of the Spanish system of Social security with an extension and contents similar to those set out in the General regime.


The status of beneficiary and beneficiary in the field of Judicial Mutualisme is incompatible for the person who possesses with:

  1. Tener la condición de beneficiario con otro titular mutualista con el que también se tenga derecho a estar incluido, en cuyo caso, el beneficiario debe optar por su inclusión con un solo titular del derecho.
  2. The status of compulsory insurance.
  3. La pertenencia a otro Régimen del Sistema de la Seguridad Social, ya sea como titular o beneficiario o beneficiaria.

Rules and applications: