Voluntary Affiliation

  1. Optionally allowed the situation as voluntary mutual, provided that they fulfil, in their care. the price for the scheme and the contribution of the state with the same rights that the mandatory mutual, the following officials:
    1. Staff members who moved to the status of voluntary redundancy.
    2. Staff members who lose that status, whatever the cause.
  2. The option of continuity as a voluntary scheme should be exercised by the individual concerned to the mutual insurance system, one month from the date on which notification of the agreement or declaration of voluntary redundancy, loss, as members of the Races, bodies and scales of the administration of justice, or the right to transfer set out in article 11.2 in annex VIII of the staff regulations of the european communities, approved by the royal Decree No. 259/1968 of the council of 29 february, causing low, if not to exercise their right, with the date of the question.
  3. Ejercitara without the right of option within the deadline to be lost or subsequently by resignation or non-payment of contributions, in accordance with this regulation, there may be urged or recover the status of the scheme on a voluntary basis.
  4. Will not fit the right of option to those that become mutual voluntary redundancy as a result of another step, body or the administration of justice included in the Scope of this regulation.