Promotion 2022 Paradores

PARADORES offer for the collective and employees of MUGEJU:

In accordance with the collaboration agreement signed between the Judicial General Mutuality (MUGEJU) parador hotels and Tourism of Spain, S.A., S.M.E. during the period from 02/01/2022-22/12/2022 applies to all participants and/or MUGEJU employees and dependants as they are accompanied by those, 15% discount. on the “ Tarifa Parador ” network Paradores.

The reservations could be in the Central of guesthouses, telephone 91 374 25 00 by e-mail address o directamente en cada Parador, facilitando el siguiente código promocional " PCXVMJUD ", debiéndose identificar el peticionario como mutualista o empleado de MUGEJU.

You can consult the following additional information:

Reservations are subject to a limited number of rooms per Parador.