Collaboration agreement between the General Mutuality Judicial and the General council official Colleges Podologists

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The Mutual Judicial General (Mugeju) is sensitive to the needs complementary to the health and welfare of our collective and for this reason today has taken place the signing of an agreement of collaboration between the General Mutuality Judicial and the General Council of Colleges Podologists officers to facilitate access to Podiatric services to members of Mugeju.

Will be beneficiaries of this convention all holders and beneficiaries of the General Mutuality Judicial and the same is governed by the clauses contained in the attached document and agree with the accompanying Scale.

Shortly to be issued a list of professionals attached to this convention that will be effective from next day 1 October 2016 and time will facilitate the coordinates of reference by if any doubt about the services offered and seconded professionals.

This convention has the collaborative nature and in no case of formal delivery of Mugeju, being an additional service we offer in order to improve the quality of life of our social activism.

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