Voluntary Affiliation

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  1. Optionally may retain the situation of high as mutualists volunteers, provided that meet, to his office, the price for the insurance and the input of the state , with equal rights as mutualists mandatory, the following officials:
    1. Officials who go to the situation of voluntary redundancy.
    2. Officials who lose that status, whatever the cause.
  2. The option of continuity as voluntary insurance should be exercised by the individual concerned before the mutuality, in a month from the date on which it made the notification of the agreement or declaration of voluntary redundancy, loss of membership of the races, bodies and scales of the administration of justice, or the exercise of the right to transfer laid down in Article 11.2 in annex VIII of the status of officials of the European Communities, approved by the Royal Decree 259/1968, advice, 29 February, causing low, in case of not exercise, with effect from the date of the event causing.
  3. If not initiate the right of option in the time limit or subsequently be lost by waiver or non-payment of contributions, in accordance with this regulation, may not be called or recover the status of voluntary insurance.
  4. Will not correspond to the right of option to those that become mutualists voluntary redundancy in the shift to another career, body or scale of the administration of justice included in the scope of this regulation.