Supplementary Benefits: dental, ophthalmic and others.

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The Mutual Judicial Generally provides financial support for rent or purchase of a series of orthopaedic products, including repairs in your case, contained in the catalogue of material ortoprotésico, where they are regulated waiting periods and the amount of aid. BOE of 23 May 2008.

The requirements of the products included in the catalogue of material ortoprotésico of Mugeju, must always be performed by a physician specializing in the field for the pathology, and is concluded with the Medical Entity that is assigned the holder.

For articles whose funding is carried out “ as is ” budget will require the presentation of two different budgets, funded an invoice for the smaller of the two.

Likewise, Mugeju provides financial support for dental benefits, and other eye health benefits. (BOE dated 29 December 2012) which includes the amount of aid and qualifying periods.