Mutualists displaced by a period of more than 120 days per destination and other assumptions.

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Type 1 resolution 18 / 04 / 2016 (BOE 06 / 05 / 2016)

To qualify for this type of assistance it is necessary that the requested in advance mutual Mugeju its high International DKV, fill out the application form and providing the supporting documentation.

Mugeju will not any claim for payment or reimbursement of medical expenses in countries outside the national territory, if the insurance would not have requested in advance the high in this mode.

This mode affects the social activism and beneficiaries who are in any of the following circumstances, always attesting that do not have the right to health care in the country of destination or residence:

to) for Mutual or providing services outside the national territory for a period exceeding 120 days.

(b) as Mutualists, being designed in a foreign country, cause low in active service for retirement or permanent disability.

(c) that set Mutualists her home in any country of the European Union, European Economic Area (Islandia, Liechtenstein, Norwegian), and Swiss.

d) Mutualists accompanying their spouse or person in an analogous affective relationship and in a stable.

e)  Beneficiarios de los mutualistas incluidos en los párrafos anteriores, que se trasladen con ellos.

f)  Mutualistas que se encuentren en excedencia por cuidado de familiares o por razón de violencia de género, siempre que la residencia en el extranjero se vaya a prolongar más de 120 días y sea consecuencia de la circunstancia que origina la excedencia.

Mugeju facilitate healthcare in the destination country or residence through the contract with DKV international, with a substance similar to the delivery of healthcare in national territory.

Health expenditures that exceed the coverage of this contract may be returned by Mugeju until the limit of the portfolio of services, upon presentation of the application form of return and supporting documentation.