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Through this formula, the insurance can go in some cases to another country of the HAT for healthcare bearing right to reimbursement of medical expenses through tariffs approved and published by Mugeju, provided that such assistance is included in the Common Portfolio of services from National health system. In any case the reimbursement includes relocation costs or accommodation.

When it comes to mutualists with public health services of the Institute CCAA or national Health Management, competent administrations in management procedures and cross-border estaasistencia authorization are autonomous communities or the National Institute of Health Management Ceuta cases and Melilla.

In the case of mutualists with Medical Entities, is the entity obliged to provide cross-border healthcare, according to the procedure and tariffs that are contained in the resolution of 18 / 04 / 2016, BOE 06 / 05 / 2016.

Under certain circumstances, advance authorization is required in Mugeju.

Prior authorisation is necessary when:

  1. Required hospitalization of at least one night.
  2. La asistencia exija el uso de infraestructuras o equipos médicos sumamente especializados o costosos.



Directive 2011 / 24 / UE , of the European Parliament and of the board of 9 March, on the application of patients' rights in cross-border healthcare

Royal Decree 81 / 2014, 7 February , establishing standards to ensure cross-border healthcare, and amending the royal decree 1718 / 2010, of 17 December, on prescription and dispensing orders.

Resolution of 18 April 2016 the General Mutuality Judicial, which regulates healthcare outside the national territory.



The national contact points in each member state allow patients can access information relevant to exercise their right to health care.

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