Important notice to all the mutualists attached to the public health system

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The mutual collective attached to public health systems of Madrid and Balears Illes have been integrated in the electronic prescription systems of these autonomous communities, joining the mutualists Valencian service.

However, the attached to the mutual health Madrileño Service (SERMAS), and choosing the electronic prescription and dispensing must pay 100% of the price of medicine or health product at the time of his dispensation at the pharmacy. Subsequently, may request MUGEJU through the refund procedure pharmacy costs, the percentage of financing of these drugs, depending normal input (30%), reduced input (10% of PVP with a maximum of 4.24 euros per container) or exempt from input in case of products dietoterápicos enteral nutrition and strips and home.

Therefore, the incorporation electronic prescription system of SERMAS is optional for the mutualists. Those who continue with the prescription in recipe on paper they apply contributions.

Failed to establish the input of the corresponding mutualists, due to the impossibility by the college Pharmaceutical officer to carry out the necessary changes in electronic systems in dispensing pharmacy offices.

All information corresponding to the measures being taken to keep updating section "Prominent" under the link Information: " Action in the state of Alarm ".