Agreement between the CGCOF and Red Cross to drugs at home

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The General Council of colleges pharmacists and Red Cross have reached an agreement of collaboration that may be of interest to many mutual MUGEJU with problems to go to the pharmacy in these days of confinement by the crisis of coronavirus.

The more than 22,000 pharmacies and the network of more than 200,000 volunteers red cross have joined forces to facilitate the delivery of medicines to patients in quarantine, with mobility problems, acute illness – including those affected by Covid-19- with complex chronic respiratory diseases or a deficit of immunity, diabetics and cardiovascular diseases. The agreement, runs while maintaining the status of alarm decreed by the government.

Home delivery

The Service may include delivery of drugs in the address of the person who require it, with and without prescription and ere eskuratu du prescription private, sanitary products and health products.

Stakeholders may request your medicine to any pharmacy of your municipality or neighbouring municipality in case in yours has not pharmacy.

For more details on the prescription, management and delivery of orders as well as the payment of the same, please consult the following links: