New rules on the public in the provincial delegations

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NOTE INFORMATIVA.- The extension of the state of alarm together with the establishment – at the rest of mechanisms that facilitate and/or relieve face many formalities as, for example, visas ( vine. Command SND/266/2020, 19 March, BOE 21-03-2020 ), unido a la necesidad –siempre prioritaria- de minimizar los riesgos de contagio del COVID-19, aconsejan la adaptación de las disposiciones contenidas en la Resolución dictada por esta Gerencia el pasado 16 de marzo, en concreto, en su epígrafe 3.

Therefore, it is common knowledge that from the day 25 March , how often will be served by one person, every Monday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. .

On the assumption that the corresponding Monday coincided with a non-working day in the territory of origin, care presencial immediately move to the next business day.


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