Change of medical entity 2020: Regular session

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A partir del 1 de enero de 2020 va a poder realizar en la SEDE ELECTRÓNICA de MUGEJU https :// completely and direct REGULAR change BETWEEN ENTITIES MÉDICAS CLOSED without the need to send the request.

Al finalizar el trámite se le va a generar automáticamente el documento de acreditación de alta en el que constará la nueva entidad médica a la que se ha adscrito.

With this accreditation may make use (until the new entity provide the health card to your home) of medical services of the medical entity chosen from 1 February this year.


REGULAR CHANGE: The mutual and mutual can make a regular exchange medical entity every year, during the month of January, AT ONCE.


PRESENTACIÓN FRAME: From 1 to 31 January each year.


  • ONLINE: For online this procedure must be discharged as a mutual benefit of the General Mutuality Judicial. The identification will be done through the system Cl@ve para lo cual deberá estar dado de alta en dicha plataforma o bien disponer de dni-electrónico o de uno de los digital certificates admitted electronic headquarters. see the technical requirements access to online procedures.
  • PRESENCIAL: at the central and provincial delegations of Mugeju, as well as in any of the other places under Article 16.4 of law 39/2015, administrative procedure common of public administrations.

DATE OF EFFECTS: The regular exchange medical entity produces effects from day 1 February of this year.

PRESENTACIÓN MODEL: Debe presentar el modelo de Solicitud de Cambio de Entidad Médica DULY COMPLETED AND SIGNED by checking the box REGULAR CHANGE.

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