European Health Card and Alternative Provisional Certificate

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For the temporary displacement in the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland, the beneficiary and mutual with the European Health Insurance Card (TIS) that shows the right to receive health benefits under identical conditions that residents of the destination country, through its Public health system, except that the displacement has specifically intended to receive medical treatment. The period of validity of the TIS is two years.

If the trip is imminent and cannot be expected to obtaining a TIS, must seek Alternative Provisional Certificate (CPS) will be immediately at headquarters electronic MUGEJU. For all purposes the CPS is a TIS with a different format, produce the same effects and utilities.

The validity of the CPS is 90 days, being therefore document enough for short trips.

When the public health system of the country in which makes use of the TSETSE, is subjected to some kind of partial financing by the user (Co), it may request its return to the company CASER.

States in which the European Health Insurance Card is valid for:

  • Countries of the European Union: Germany, Austria, Belgium Ciudad Chipre, Croatian, Man, Attended the Slovenian, Estonian, Finlandia, France, Greece, Hungary, Irish, Italy, Letonia, Lituania, Luxemburgo, Malt, Netherlands, Polonia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Rumania, Sweden.
  • Countries of the European Economic Area: Islandia, Liechtenstein, Norwegian.
  • Switzerland.


The must seek mutualists TIS and CPS, at the headquarters online General Mutuality Judicial. The Alternative Provisional Certificate is obtained immediately, the European Health Card be received at his home in a maximum of ten days.


In the event that cannot perform these steps at the headquarters ELECTRONICA please refer to the provincial branches or central services and submit the completed application form TIS, or login to seek Alternative Provisional Certificate or beneficiaries:

Application form of TIS/CPS