The programme Socio-Sanitaria care Plan

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Economic aid to meet the needs of elderly, disabled and drug users.


Economic aid will need settings that affect the social activism in the following circumstances:

  • Elderly.
  • Disabled.
  • People with addiction.

General requirements

  • Be mutualist or beneficiary in high Court General Mutuality at the time of the event causing, which must occur in the corresponding budgetary period.
  • Refer to situations and expenses generated from 1 January budget year.
  • Not be involved in incompatibility.

General documentation

  • Standard application, which can be downloaded from the website of this mutuality, or available in central services or provincial delegations.
  • Photocopy or copy of the statement of IRPF of family unity of the last period, including the Complementary Statement if it had been made.
  • If there is no obligation to declare, certification of the tax administration in this regard and certification of the charges Integrity of income record.
  • Certificación del domicilio y residencia de los miembros de la unidad familiar.

Alternatively to the input of the previous documentation, authorize Mugeju (in the space on the request form) to collect data from the relevant government agencies.

Specific documentation

To) programme of care for elderly:

  • Certificación o fotocopia compulsada del organismo de la Comunidad Autónoma competente en la materia, acreditativa del grado de discapacidad.
  • In your case statement responsible for pensions or benefits or not exempt taxable by IRPF of the last year.

(B) programme for people with disabilities:

  • Certification or attested photocopy of the body of Autonomous Community, showing the degree of disability.
  • In your case, updated report of the specialist responsible for the optional assistance, indicating the need of treatment.
  • En cada caso, presupuestos del centro o profesional que imparta el tratamiento o de la empresa que realice la supresión de las barreras arquitectónicas.
  • Original invoices of spending.
  • In your case statement responsible for pensions or benefits or not exempt taxable by IRPF of the last year.

(C) to care programme dependent persons:

  • Specialist prescription (for the first instalment).
  • Original invoices.
  • En su caso, declaración responsable de las pensiones o prestaciones exentas o no sujetas a tributación por IRPF del último ejercicio.

Deadline for submission

  • Until 1 December this year.

Resolution and resort

  • Form of startup: upon request.
  • Authority that resolves Management of the General Mutuality Court.
  • Run resolution: 6 months.
  • Effects of administrative silence: positive
  • Resource: d ’ alçada before the minister of justice.