Provision for retirees by permanent disability

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6 months

Su regulación básica está contenida en los articulo 12.1, c) del Texto Refundido aprobado por Real Decreto Legislativo 3/2000 y 94 del Reglamento del Mutualismo Judicial, aprobado por Real Decreto 1026/2011, de 15 de julio (BOE de 4/8/2011).

According to the provisions of Article 94 Judicial Mutualisme regulation, approved by Royal Decree 1026/2011, July 15 (BOE of 4/8/2011, the active official residence that for psychophysical decrease functional or use thereof, unable to perform the role and pasare to the situation retiree, shall have the right, until it reaches the age at which had been forced their retirement, a monthly allowance equivalent to 20% of the ordinary basic remuneration perceived the last month active.

The benefit is paid monthly (14 times per annum) in the amount indicated, appreciate annually as provided for pensions de Clases Pasivas in the laws of overall budgets of the State.

The form may be accessed in the own Mutuality (Central Service and Provincial Delegations) and downloading of the Web of Mugeju.

In the month in which the mutualist meets the legal age in each body or scale for forced retirement age, he communicates the extinction of the right to Incapacity Benefit Permanent.