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The procedure data
6 months

Causes and beneficiaries

For entitlement to the pension is necessary to hold the mutual status of any of the three integrated into the special fund at the time of the event causing, implying have contributed uninterrupted until the date of retirement.

Forcibly retired mutualists by age or disability: they recognizes the pension from the month following the retirement.

Mutualistas jubilados voluntarios (funcionarios con 30 o más años de servicios y, al menos, 60 de edad, según el artículo 28.1 b) del Texto Refundido de la Ley de Clases Pasivas), cuya edad de jubilación forzosa está fijada en los 65 años: Se les reconoce la pensión con efectos del mes siguiente al de la jubilación.

Retired mutualists volunteers (staff with 30 or more years of service and at least 60 old, according to article 28.1 (b) of the text of the law of Clases Pasivas) belonging to whose Bodies forced retirement age this set at 70 years (magistrates, judges, prosecutors and secretaries): For this group applies in the terms in which they appear written articles 42 and 19 regulations of mutuals Anticipation and justice Municipal, respectively, under which the retiree volunteer does not enter into the enjoyment of the pension until it reaches the age forced retirement, except that, after that, had 40 or more years of service and at least 65 age. (Criterion of Legal service of the State in the Report concerned).

Legal nature

Pensions in the Special Fund have the character of public, and are therefore subject to regulations limit of perception and intersection applicable to such pensions.

So if a pensioner perceived by another public system (Clases Pasivas, Social security, etc.) pension or pensions that reach the maximum annual perception is fixed in the General Budget of the state, the pension that may correspond to you in the special fund would recognize, but by effect of the limitation, it will not be paid.


The amounts of pensions are set by Bodies/scales in mutuals foresight and Municipal Justice; and by bodies and years of contributions the auxiliaries.

In the Mutuality of foresight, the Full amount per month (14 times per annum) vary between 220,23 euros (initial amount) and 114,19 euros (final amount), to the upper levels, and the 130,50 euros (initial amount) and 60.10 euros (final amount), to the lower level.

En la Mutualidad de Justicia Municipal, la cuantía integra mensual de la pensión está fijada en función del Grupo (Grupo 1º: Magistrados, Jueces, Fiscales y Secretarios; Grupo 2º: Secretarios de Juzgados de Paz, Oficiales, Auxiliares y Agentes) en el que se incluya el mutualista, siendo de 66,11 euros (cuantía inicial) y 36,06 (cuantía final), para el Grupo 1º, y de 54,09 (cuantía inicial) y 25,24 (cuantía final), para el Grupo 2º.

In the Mutuality of auxiliary pensions tables (one for each Body integrated into the same: Forensic Doctors, officers, assistants and agents) have set the amounts of the same (initial amounts) depending on the base pension for each Body and the full years for quotation (the initial amount of the pension is the resulting increase the pension based on a 2 percent of the same for each year in quotation, being the minimal increase from 20 percent (applicable to the mutualists with less than 10 years of contributions).

Initial pensions oscillate between the minimum amounts of 120,54, 106,64, 95,04, and 83,45 euros per month, for the bodies of Forensic Doctors, officers, assistants and agents, respectively, and the 190,86, 168,85, 150,48 and 132,13 euros per month, for the very bodies in the course of 45 years of contributions.

In this Mutuality amounts late pensions (applicable, following the process of reducing under the integration agreements, starting at the fifth year after the date of boot) are the same amount for the mutual every body (37,56, 36.06, 32.45 and 30,05, for Forensic Doctors, officers, assistants and agents, respectively)


Recognition and payment (implementation of standards on limit of perception and intersection of public pensions)

The line of Mugeju is as follows:

  1. Recognition of the right to the pension of special fund, but without paying the same, when the amount of the public other declared by the interested party and already receive permission, or go to perceive, exceed the ceiling of perception of public pensions contained in the budget year that appropriate.
  2. Recognition of the right and reduced payment of the pension, when the amount of the other pensions does not reach the ceiling of perception, but to add the in the special fund if it exceeds this limit.
  3. Recognition of the right to the pension and full payment of the same, when the sum of all public pensions, including the special fund, does not exceed the ceiling of perception.