Presentation of painting Contest VII

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The past 16 October ended the deadline for submission of works to participate in the contest, (VII Paint. Have received a total of 38 works that will be exposed between days 28 October to 21 November 2019, hours to 14:00 09:00 , en la Sala de Juntas de los Servicios Centrales de la Mutualidad General Judicial en la calle Marqués del Duero, 7 28001 de Madrid.

The jury for the photos chosen compondran:


Conception Sáez Rodríguez, manager of the Judicial General Mutuality


Agustín González Savior, painter

Carlos Wall Watered Down, painter

Fernando Arnal blonde, representative of BBVA

Juan Carlos Jiménez Pérez, representative of BBVA


Ernesto Stick Pérez, secretary-General of MUGEJU

The awards ceremony will take place on day 21 November 2019 to the 17:30 .