Modification of the portfolio of services of MUGEJU

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The official newsletter of the State No 101 of 27 April 2019, has published the command SCB/480/2019, 26 April amending the annexes I, II and saw the royal decree 1030/2006 of 15 September, which establishes the portfolio of common services of the national health system and the procedure for their update. (Entry into force 1 July 2019).

The main changes that introduces are:

  • Among the actions of the population screening of cervical cancer, will be incorporated the determination of the human papilloma virus high risk. The introduction of screening will be progressive so that within 5 years from the entry into force of the Order and sanitary administrations mutuals should have started this program and in 10 years coverage, understood as the invitation to participate, will be close to 100 percent.

The changes in the population screening of cervical cancer, shall be incorporated in the concert of Healthcare mutual of existing MUGEJU (regulation 2.2.2) with the schedules of implantation collected in the order.

  • Incorporating the micropigmentación mammary of the areola and teat as part of the breast reconstruction in women mastectomizadas, which was already reflected in the current concert of Healthcare.
  • As part of health products facilitate, following the corresponding protocol, the reader eyepiece or other communication system for patients with severe neuromotores disorders, with severe impact of both senior members and inability to communication oral or written, primarily patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, thrombosis of the basilar artery, cerebral palsy, cranial trauma and Pontine mielinosis, with sufficient mental capacity, intellectual, learning, and control for its handling safely and efficiently.
  • Increase the age of financing of headphones of 16 to 20 years, incorporating an annual tranche of at least two years, reaching the age of 26. This change will be added to the new catalogue of that provision ortoprotésica MUGEJU develop within six months since the entry into force of the command SCB/480/2019, 26 April, under the Fourth Additional Provision of the same.