Ceremony of the prizes of II photo contest of MUGEJU

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The manager of MUGEJU, Giving white, has chaired on Thursday, June 1 the prizes of II photo contest of MUGEJU. The award ceremony attended the General manager of MUFACE, Antonio Sánchez, the General Secretary of ISFAS, Å Miranda Alvarez of Solitude and, as representative of the sponsor entity BBVA, Manuel García Guzmán, in addition to the CEO of Asisa, Enrique Porres, the secretary General of Adeslas, Teótimo Sáez, and Isabel Ana Quintana Jiménez, Technical Adviser General Office Promotion of Fine Arts and jury Vowel. Also has been present the president of the assembly of compromisarios of MUGEJU, benign Varela.

The first prize has fallen in the play “ Strokes ” Property Joanne Blacksmith. “ In las carretas ” de Jesús Ballesteros Moral, ha sido galardonado con el segundo premio, mientras que el tercero ha correspondido a la obra “ Grounding ”, whose author is Paula Muñoz Méndez. They have also received two special mentions the play “ Filesystem "Angels Å swords, and in the “ Timeline Beatriz Å ” of Bust.

The jury, chaired by the manager of MUGEJU has highlighted the quality of the works presented, which shows the great acceptance in the photo contest between the collective protected by MUGEJU.

The exposure of all works participants you can visit at the headquarters of the Judicial General Mutuality (street Marquis of Duero, number 7 Madrid) until 16 June, in hours of 9 to 14 hours, Monday to Friday.

Photocontest MUGEJU (1/4)

Photocontest MUGEJU (2/4)

Photocontest MUGEJU (3/4)

Photocontest MUGEJU (4/4)