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MUGEJU and the General Council of Colleges Pharmaceutical officers subscribe to a new concert of pharmaceutical benefit

The agreement establishes the conditions for the execution of the pharmaceutical benefit to the more than 92,000 beneficiaries of MUGEJU through the 22,000 community pharmacies.


Madrid, 26 June 2017.- The manager of the Judicial General Mutuality (MUGEJU), Giving white, and the president of the General council of Colleges Pharmaceutical officers (CGCOF), Joanne Aguilar, have signed this morning the new concert setting out the conditions for the execution of the pharmaceutical benefit of Mutuality through the offices of Pharmacy. The concert signed will enter into force on 1 January 2018 and will run for four years, and extend for a period of two years, with a maximum of two extensions.


The Concert, which was adopted on 22 June unanimously in the assembly of Pharmaceutical colleges, fix the conditions in pharmacies will work professionally with MUGEJU regarding dispensing the mutual medicines and medical preparations prepared oficinales, effects and accessories, bacterial and allergic vaccines, which are included in the pharmaceutical benefit of the national health system and which have been prescribed in official recipe of mutuality, according to what is established in its regulations and in the Concert. The new text incorporates new impetus and decided final by the development of electronic prescription.


The text also regulates various topics of the Pharmaceutical Benefit as the processing and recording of recipes, issuing monthly billing by Pharmaceutical colleges and payment of the invoice for the mutuality, as the agency responsible for public financing of the pharmaceutical benefit of your group protected them, according to the recommendations made by the court of Accounts.


The signature of this concert, as well as the length of the same, demonstrate the commitment of MUGEJU and the General Council for stability and by mutual collaboration of present and future in the improvement and development of pharmaceutical benefit that receive the mutual insurance associations.


The manager of MUGEJU, Giving white, emphasised “ the importance of the concert was signed today for the recipients and mutual MUGEJU throughout Spain over 92,000 people, given that represents a substantial improvement in the quality of the pharmaceutical benefit, in which the work of pharmacists is essential and irreplaceable, and a very important tool for the launch of the recipe electronic ”.


For the president of the General council of pharmacists, Joanne Aguilar, the signature of this concert is an example of good connection and understanding between both institutions to “ offer the hundred thousand recipients of the best MUGEJU pharmaceutical assistance through the 21.986 community pharmacies and pharmacists 48,000 work on the same ”. Furthermore, has emphasized that there is a common interest in advance in other initiatives for prevention and health promotion, monitoring and adherence to treatments as well as other activities developed by community pharmacies, for the benefit of assistance to patients.

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