Note on the concert Sanitario 2014

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Mugeju has signed by 2014, a new concert for healthcare with all medical organizations with which currently, i.e., with Asisa, SegurCaixa Adeslas, Caser, DKV, Mapfre and Sanitas.
Conservar esta diversidad de opciones entre las que puede elegir el beneficiario para obtener la asistencia sanitaria, constituye en este momento, un plus de calidad en la elección de la opción sanitaria que Mugeju ha conseguido para su colectivo.
However, this new concert of healthcare for 2014 presents very important changes since there has been a substantial modification of care media, which should provide entities in each location.
For this reason, it is necessary to check in table doctor entities , the means available to each company, so that we can select the alternative that is more favourable to every need, using the change of health option during the month of January 2014.
The means of each entity can be found on your own website, in the provincial offices of the entity or provincial delegations Mugeju.
If necessary, from 1 January 2014, may request mutualists entities referral to his home in a table doctor en format paper or electronic format , or in the offices of the medical entity of their place of residence.
It is very important to check the continuity of the link to the entity, doctors or hospitals, who are habitually goes, consult the table doctor or by contacting the doctor or centre directly.


Medical entities Information phones Web page
ASISA 902 010 010
CASER 901 332 233
INSURANCE DKV 902 499 600
FAMILY MAPFRE 902 204 060
SANITAS 902 102 400




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