"Paradores 2020 Promotions

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'S offer for the collective and employees of MUGEJU:

In accordance with the collaboration agreement signed between the Judicial General Mutuality (MUGEJU) and tourism'S Spain S.M.E., S.A., during the period 02/01/2020 to 22/12/2020 apply to all affiliates and/or employees of MUGEJU and dependants when accompanied by those, the 15% discount on the “ Hostel Fare ” in all hostels of the network.

The reservations could be in the booking centre of inns, 91.374.25.00 phone by e-mail to the address reservas@parador.es or directly in each Inn , and identify the petitioner as insurance or employee of MUGEJU.

Puede consultar las medidas sanitarias adoptadas frente a la alarma sanitaria de la COVID-19 en este brochure .