Change of Medical Entity

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The mutual and mutual, when processed its high in the General Mutuality Judicial, may choose to receive health care through a private medical entity, which is in the concert, or public health services of the CCAA or, in Ceuta and Melilla, through the INGESA.

Pueden cambiar su opción de entidad prestadora de la asistencia sanitaria en los siguientes supuestos:

  • Regular change (From 1 to 31 January each year)

The mutual and mutual can make a regular exchange medical entity every year, during the month of January, at once.
Para solicitar dicho cambio, deberán presentar el modelo de Solicitud de Cambio de Entidad Médica, marcando la casilla de CAMBIO ORDINARIO, dentro del plazo establecido.

  • Special change (Throughout the year)
    • When there is a change of destination of / active mutualist, or residence of / retired mutualist / retired or / mutualist holder fails, which involves, in all cases, a change in the province.
      For this change, must submit:
      • The mutual and mutual active should enclose the inauguration in the new destination.
    • When, for exceptional circumstances, or the mutual insurance obtains the express consent in writing of the two entities affected.
      To request this change, must submit:
      • The model of change request Medical entity, by checking the box of SPECIAL CHANGE and attach the writings of conformity of the entities affected.

En todo caso, los beneficiarios y las beneficiarias se adscribirán a la misma entidad médica por la que opte el titular o la titular de quien dependa su derecho.
For information regarding medical organizations can call any phone on the Area of healthcare or consult, on this page, in the section Benefits .