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The incorporation to staff at the service of the administration of justice entails Compulsory AFILIACIÓN General Mutuality Judicial (MUGEJU), which aims to manage and deliver homogeneously for all members of the races, bodies and scales of the administration of justice, for officials in practices in the service of this administration and for the body of career Lawyers that make up the body of Lawyers of the Constitutional Court, the mechanism of coverage of the Judicial Mutualisme system established in the consolidated text of existing legal provisions on the Social security schemes of staff at the service of the administration of justice.

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According to what is established by law 39 / 2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations, the high officials MUGEJU of new entry will be through telematic means, thus avoiding the presentation of printed on paper, as explained below:

  • MUGEJU has developed a new application in its headquarters electronics, whose aim is to register by electronic means to officials / as new entrants.
  • Completed the selection procedures, the justice ministry facilitates to MUGEJU data from the officials of new entry for this purpose.
  • Estos datos se cargan en la aplicación iniciándose así el proceso de alta.
  • The staff / as new entrants receive an email at which it facilitates the credentials and the path to the application, along with information about the procedure.
  • El funcionario/a de nuevo ingreso accede a esta aplicación y completa el proceso de alta, que consiste en revisar los datos que se muestran y completar aquellos datos de los campos que aparezcan en blanco.
  • Completed high successfully, the information is registered in our database.
  • The system automatically generates its accreditation of high in the Mutuality as well as an application of coupon of recipes own this Special Regime that will be sent to the home that has made it.


  1. General Issues:
    1. It is necessary to complete all the data required to successfully complete the process of high (personal data, home complete, destination, medical entity …).
    2. Recipes and parts of IT: Should always use the New Recipes and the parties Temporary incapacity of MUGEJU themselves, whether choose private medical entity as INSS.
    3. Accreditation of the Medical E.: The selected entity is printed on the document of accreditation of high in MUGEJU. to go to the doctor, has to use the health card of each entity itself Medical, but until they receive the same, should be treated with this accreditation.
    4. Individual Membership card: it is a permanent and individual card which identifies them as Judicial Mutualisme holders, which will be forwarded to your home in approximately one month since its high in mutuality.
  2. Medical entities : puede elegir la entidad médica que le prestará la asistencia sanitaria.
    1. If you choose to receive healthcare through a private medical entities with which MUGEJU has concert: SEGURCAIX-ADESLAS, ASISA, CASER, DKV Insurance, SANITAS, MAPFRE, MUTUAL NEW Health. The health card will be sent by the Medical Entity chosen to first of the month following its incorporation. Can also apply personally at the offices of the entity of the Province, introducing document to join MUGEJU.
    2. Si opta por recibir la asistencia sanitaria a través del Sistema Público de Salud:
      1. The register must register their membership number to Social security.
      2. For access to healthcare provision, personally shall apply individual health card en el Centro de Salud de su Provincia de Residencia, tanto para el/la titular como para los beneficiarios y las beneficiarias incluidos/as en su documento de acreditación de alta en MUGEJU.


  1. Implementing legislation : In the special regime of MUGEJU, Articles 14 and 15 of the rules of the Judicial Mutualisme Royal Decree 1026 / 2011 15 July (BOE 4 August 2011), and Article 15 of the Real Legislative Decree 3 / 2000 of 23 June (as amended by the final disposal 11 of the Act 6 / 2018 of 3 July of PGE for 2018).
  2. Documentation to contribute:
    1. Photocopy of the family book or digital certificate of birth.
    2. “A3 model HIGH APPLICATION beneficiaries ” duly completed and signed. This model includes the express consent, to avoid the input of certificates and photocopy of DNI beneficiaries / beneficiaries. When beneficiaries / beneficiaries are over 18 years must also sign the consent.
    3. En el caso de oposición expresa a la consulta de datos para la tramitación de esta solicitud deberán aportar:
  1. Photocopy of DNI, for beneficiaries over 14 years.
  2. Certificates attesting that:
  • Its payee / beneficiary is not listed as owner nor as payee / beneficiary of the other parent / of the other parent in any of the other Social security schemes.
  • Su beneficiario/beneficiaria convive, y depende económicamente, con el/la titular del derecho.
  • Its payee / beneficiary (when they are older than 18) does not receive higher incomes twice IPREM.

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In accordance with Article 16 (4) of the Royal Decree 1026 / 2011, 15 July, changes in family circumstances affecting the right of the beneficiaries should be sent by the mutualist Mutuality holder to General Judicial within one month from the date on which occur. Therefore:

  1. It is imperative to inform MUGEJU on any variation of data (personal, destination or administrative situation) to update the database and facilitate communication between the mutuality and the social activism.
  2. Es obligatorio informar sobre las variaciones de datos personales y sobre los cambios en la situación de los requisitos que han de reunir los beneficiarios y las beneficiarias que estén incluidos en la cartilla del/ de la titular de MUGEJU.
  • When they cease to live and have economic dependence with the owner.
  • When they begin to perform paid work, income or receive property or higher pension IPREM twice.
  • When writing to the delivery of healthcare by another Social security system, either as holders or as beneficiaries of another person.
  1. The incumbent is mutualist / warned that the signing, in the form A-3, on the eligibility of beneficiaries and the beneficiaries, on the assumption that appreciate false data that declares, may be subject to infringement punishable in accordance with the rules of Mutuality (Royal Decree 1026 / 2011, 15 July).